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Leading from the Periphery & Network Collective Action, from Cambridge University Press, argues for a reformulation of collective action dilemma based on marginal leadership. In contrast, existing theories of collective action emphasize central leaders, uniting themes and economizing means of centralization.


Books's Online Appendix
  • Cairo Survey Dataset, Link
  • Damascus GIS Dataset, Link
  • Network Experiments of Collective Action Dataset, Link
  • 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Email Scans, Link
  • Cairo Survey Scans, Link
  • Network Experiments, Visualizations, Link
Synopsis - Link
Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Mobilization from the Margins
  • Chapter 2: Decentralization of Revolutionary Unrest: Dispersion Hypothesis
  • Chapter 3: Vanguards at the Periphery, A Network Formulation
  • Chapter 4: Civil War and Contagion in Small Worlds
  • Chapter 5: Peripheral Influence, Experimentations in Collective Risk Taking
  • Chapter 6: Decentralization & Power, Novel Modes of Social Organization