Leading from the Periphery & Network Collective Action, from Cambridge University Press, argues for a reformulation of collective action dilemma based on marginal leadership. In contrast, existing theories of collective action emphasize central leaders, uniting themes and economizing means of centralization.

Winner of Best Book Award (2015-17) from American Political Science Association’s Political Networks Section


Book's Online Appendix
  • Cairo Survey Dataset, Link
  • Damascus GIS Dataset, Link
  • Network Experiments of Collective Action Dataset, Link
  • 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Email Scans, Link
  • Cairo Survey Scans, Link
  • Network Experiments, Visualizations, Link
Synopsis - Link
Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Mobilization from the Margins
  • Chapter 2: Decentralization of Revolutionary Unrest: Dispersion Hypothesis
  • Chapter 3: Vanguards at the Periphery, A Network Formulation
  • Chapter 4: Civil War and Contagion in Small Worlds
  • Chapter 5: Peripheral Influence, Experimentations in Collective Risk Taking
  • Chapter 6: Decentralization & Power, Novel Modes of Social Organization