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My current research is focused on two main areas:

  • Comparative political economy of competitive authoritarianism
  • Network analysis and digital methods in political science

Research Group: Modernization and Mobilization in Eurasia

A summary of the themes along with relevant papers are included below. For a complete list of my publications, please see my CV.

Modernization and Mobilization in Eurasia

Current Book Project:

  • Political Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy [Revise and Resubmit Cambridge University Press]

Current Paper Projects:

  • Voting Together: Economic Adversity and Voter Turnout in Authoritarian Elections Link
  • Participation Dilemma: The Logic of Voter Turnout in Authoritarian Elections Link
  • Strategic Distribution in Multiparty Systems Evidence from AKP’s Kurdish Policy Link
  • Why Parties (under Authoritarianism)? Radical Party Entry and Mobilization of New Voters
  • Economic Concerns or International Prestige? Determinants of Participation in the 2018 Russian Presidential Elections Link
  • Redistribution and Democracy: Evidence from Privatization in the 1990s Russia
  • Elite Competition or Redistributive Policy? The Logic of Chinese Anti-Corruption Campaign
  • Methods of Political Ideology Estimation Using Communicative Interactions Online
  • Logic of Radical Party Emergence: Evidence from Germany, Past and Present
  • Public Goods Provision and Ethnic Diversity: Far Right Parties, Immigration and Welfare in Germany
Network Collective Action

Book: Leading from the Periphery and Network Collective Action


  • [Political Communication January 2014 – 31(1) ] “Media Disruption and Revolutionary Unrest: Evidence from Mubarak’s Quasi-Experiment,” Link
    • This study was featured in the NYTimes Link

  • A Quasi-Experimental Study of Contagion and Coordination in Urban Conflict: Evidence from The Syrian Civil War in Damascus Link
  • Hushed Dissent: Permanent Incumbency Advantage and Varieties of Online Political Dialogue under Competitive Authoritarianism Link
  • Political Ideology and Network Distance Metrics, Methods and Validation
    • [PS: Political Science & Politics April 2013 – 46(2)] “Tracking the Semantics of Politics: A Case for Online Data Research in Political Science” Link
  • “The Strategy of Perception in Third Party Interventions,” Link
  • “Transparency and Repression: An Explanation for the Democratic Civil Peace,” Link