My current research is focussed on formulating a theory of dictatorship and democracy that imports political elements of electoral representation, elite strategy and mass mobilization–to complement the already existing social and economic formulations–and testing such theories using historical and contemporary empirics, both descriptive and experimental.

Current Book Project (R&R at Cambridge University Press)
Recent Drafts
  • Welfare or identity politics? On the logic of radical right mobilization
    • Surveys and survey experiment in Italy, 2019
  • Nationalism or welfare? Turnout mobilization in non-competitive elections
    • Survey experiment in Moscow, 2018 Link
  • The logic of niche parties’ ideological linkage and targeted redistribution to the underclass Link
    • Turkish electoral and socioeconomic national statistics under AKP
  • ‘Political’ modernization theory and electoral engagement with bureaucratic authoritarianism
    • Historical statistics from the Iranian elections 1906–1975 Link
  • The political logic of redistribution in elite-induced democratizations
    • Russian privatization statistics 1992–1996 Link
Projects in Progress
  • Elite competition or redistributive policy? On the logic of anti-corruption campaigns in democracies and autocracies