Modernization & Democracy

General Description
  • Modernization and Mobilization in Eurasia: The introduction of parliamentary  and presidential institutions in non-Western polities, since the era of Constitutional Revolutions, often has not resulted in durable and efficient electoral democracies. Economic development and occupational transformations are at odds with political modernization attempts. A comparative study of China, Iran and Russia in contrast to three shadow cases: Japan, Turkey and Germany.
Current Projects
  • Resource Economy and Electoral Turnout, Russia post 2000
  • Modernization and Mobilization, Elements of Turnout in Nascent Electoral Institutions: Iran’s pre-1979 Parliamentary Elections
  • Ethnicity or Economics? Public Goods Provision and Turnout in Turkey under AKP
  • Varieties of Political Conversation on Social Media during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Primaries
Book Project
  • [Proposal Stage] Modernization and Mobilization in Eurasia: Economic Reforms and Political Beginnings in Russia, Iran, China & Turkey (Tentative Title)
Research Group
Papers in preparation
  • Logic of turnout under competitive authoritarianism

  • Modernization and turnout in authoritarian elections
  • Turnout and public goods provision in the face of ethnic diversity: AKP and Turkey’s Kurds


  • Industrial Development versus Agrarian Constituency: The Russian Constitutional Democracy 1905-1917 Link
  • Modernization Theory and Development Without Democracy: Evidence from Elections to the Iranian National Assembly 1906-1975 Link
  • The Elections to the First Chinese National Assembly and Warlordism at the Eve of the Anfu Congress 1912-1920
  • Meclis-i Mebusan and the Ottoman Parliamentary Elections in the Second Constitutional Era 1908-1920
  • District Level Information on Political and Economic Modernization
    • Turkey’s Electoral and Economic Transformation under AKP
    • Iranian Parliamentary Elections Dataset, 1906-1975
    • Iranian Occupational/Demographic Census Datasets, 1956,66,76
    • Russian Turnout post 2000
    • Russian Duma/Constituent Assembly Dataset, 1906-1917
    • Russian Occupational/Demographic Census Datasets, 1897, 1926
    • [in process] Chinese and Ottoman Parliamentary Elections
Events, Courses, Related Projects
  • Comparative politics of Eurasia (HSE 2017-18)
  • Workshop at Princeton (2015): Iranian Electoral Politics: 1905-Present
  • Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, 2015
  • Princeton University’s Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, 2015