General List of Datasets
Modernization and Mobilization in Eurasia Project's Database
  • Post Cold War Data

    • Russia turnout and socioeconomic indicators (provinces) 2000-2012
    • Privatization statistics in Russia 1992-1999, socioeconomic indicators
    • Iranian parliamentary elections, results and turnout, socioeconomic indicators (districts) 1980-2016
    • Turkey electoral results, turnout and socioeconomic/ethnic indicators (provinces) 2000-2015
    • Unified Germany election results, socioeconomic indicators
    • China anti-corruption campaign dataset (in progress)
  • Historical Datasets

    • Iranian complete data set of parliamentary elections results, 1906-1975
    • Iranian occupational/demographic censuses (select tables) 1956,66,76
    • Russian Duma 1905-6 and the Constituent Assembly elections (uezd level) 1917
    • Russian occupational/demographic census 1897 (Full occupational sectorization, uezd level)
    • Early Weimar Republic’s electoral data and socioeconomic indicators
    • Late Ottoman ethnic composition (district level)
    • Ottoman parliamentary election caucuses (in progress)
Book's Online Appendix, Network Collective Action
  • Cairo Survey Dataset, Link
  • Damascus GIS Dataset, Link
  • Network Experiments of Collective Action Dataset, Link
  • 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Email Scans, Link
  • Cairo Survey Scans, Link
  • Network Experiments, Visualizations, Link